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UTSUROI was founded in 2014 with the goal of reaching the entire world from Japan through board games. Board games have been developed and manufactured to revolve around a fusion of productive world views, themes, and game systems.


What is IKI?

IKI is the first board game released by UTSUROI. IKI is the chic and elegant Japanese board game that focuses on Edo townspeople culture and the variety of occupations during the Edo period. Using Nihonbashi, one of Tokyo's busiest market areas in Japan at the time, as a stage, the theme of the game is the spirit of "IKI" that underlies the everyday activities and lives of people. Through Edo's four seasons, the goal of the game is to become the Edoite that best personifies "IKI."


Edo's various professions

Hundreds of occupations existed during the Edo Period. In this game, a number of individual professions appear, which include: craftsmen such as carpenters, tatami (straw mat) makers, printers, peddlers shouldering carrying­poles full of food and everyday products, sellers of foods such as sushi or tempura, ox carts, shrine maidens, geishas, and kabuki actors. Players hire and train them, do the shopping as walking along the street, get fish in season at a fish market, and build stores and shrines.

Dedicated to Art

There is a very long picture scroll called "Kidai Shoran," which literally translates as "an excellent view of our prosperous age in Edo." This scroll vividly depicts over 1600 people, shops and animals in the bustling street between Imagawabashi and Nihonbashi in 1805. Using this Kidai Shoran as a reference, the game board for IKI was drawn by Dommiy (our illustrator) with minute attention to detail. We have elaborated the exciting and beautiful game board that players can feel the lively atmosphere, as if they were actually back in those days.

About the Author

The person responsible for game design and art direction is Koota Yamada (game designer), who won the grand prize at the Tokyo Germany Game Awards with his debut work, "Stone Garden." He has designed board games and card games such as "Postman Race" and "The Elves and the Shoemaker." IKI is closely based on "Edo Craftsman Story," which sold out at Tokyo Game Market 2014 Spring. The rules and artworks were brushed up substantially, and IKI was reborn as a new game.

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